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Featuring the super-rare Western Electric 12A and 13A horn system
from 1926!

The Adam and Eve of HiFi Loudspeakers!

This is probably the only chance you will ever have to hear this amazing system. still at the top of the food chain after 90 years!



P-300 Push-Pull
300B Amplifer

Reference 300
Silver Signature
Stereo Amplifier

RI-25 DA100
Stereo Amplifier

A-242C Mono

SQ-102 Phono
L-103 Line Amp

SGW-24 Exhibition Horn Loudspeaker

C100 Preamplifer

A-845 Mono
Triode Amplifiers

C-100 Reference Preamplifier review in LP Magazine

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Includes 2012 field coil speaker lineup from our friends at G.I.P


Reference 300
Stereo Amplifier


JI300 Mk.III
Stereo Amplifier




Aporia Full Range
Horn Unit

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Lab Systems

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Experience the Excitement of
Classic Theater Sound in Your Home


Western Electric Mirrophonic System from Silbatone Collection


Inspiration of the classics with modern enhancements

The goal of Silbatone Acoustics is to recreate the musical enjoyment of the great theater systems in the home, creating practical realizations for today's serious music listeners.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find an opportunity to listen to a complete Golden-Era Western Electric theater system due to extreme scarcity and the practical problems of installing full-sized amphitheater speakers in most listening rooms. Not only is the performance of Western Electric equipment unsurpassed within the specialized technical goals of 1920s-1940s theater sound, but we discovered many lessons for contemporary home music reproduction in these great classics.

The musical presentation of large-scale theater systems is entirely different from modern audiophile gear: faster, smoother, more dynamic and vivid, but also extremely natural and unforced.  One is impressed by extreme delicacy and nuance, as well as the raw power of large horns and multiple 18 inch field coil woofers. The scale and impact of the experience is far beyond typical high-fidelity approaches.

The golden age of cinema was also the era of the triode amplifier, a superior technology rediscovered by today's audio listeners. The best 1920s and 1930s triode amplifiers were and are very luxurious to listen to but we believe that we can do even better with modern materials and designs, without losing any of the magic of the classics.

Every year since 2001, Silbatone makes further progress in our effort to bring the best modern interpretation of theater sound into the listening room. We use the best available parts including rare vintage tubes and silver transformers, the finest quality metalwork in the industry, and innovative and exciting engineering to take the classic approach to vacuum tube audio where it has never gone before!


WE amp   WE86
Western Electric
Model 41-42-43
205D PP + 211E PP
"Wide Range" System
c. 1935
Western Electric Model 1086
300B PP "Mirrophonic"Amplifiers
c. 1938













Western Electric Model 46 Amplifiers



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