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Silbatone A-845 and A-242C Mono Triode Amplifiers

We are usually very obvious about our preference for the special flavor of the Western Electric 300B tube, but often more power is required to make the best of certain rooms and speaker preferences.

Our new Silbatone A-845 amplifier provides an optimized solution to these issues, using directy-heated transmitting triodes to reach into the 20 watt range without compromising the technical and performance aesthetics of single ended triode amplification. The A845 amp features tremendous driving force yet maintains the vivid, naturalistic presentation that triode lovers simply must have.

The Silbatone A-845 is a single ended triode power amplifier that can accept various 4 pin RCA 845 and 211 type power tubes, including Western Electric 211, 284D, and 242C types.  The direct coupled, choke-loaded driver stage uses the rare and exotic WE 437A high-transconductance triode voltage amplifier and your choice of 10Y, VT-25, 252A or 275A triodes to excite the grids of the power triodes.

Our innovative configuration of stacked positive ground power supplies allows for easy flexibility in driver and power tube choice with no interstage capacitors. This topology is as close as you can get to hearing tubes alone!

The fourth tube is a WE 422A rectifier, used as a PSU filter tuning device and a controlled turn-on element for the HV supply.   

The sonic character of the A-845 amplifier depends very much on tube selections but the basic flavor of the unit is a colorful, natural, dynamic, and huge presentation that is a joy to experience.

It is nice to have an amp that will allow us to showcase rare and expensive vintage tubes from our collections but we wouldn’t do this with any old amplifier!  Certainly the A-845 is not a glorified DIY project like many very expensive large triode amplifiers on the market. We made an all-out effort to to create a once-in-a-lifetime high power triode amplifier, with thoughtful and uncompromising electronic design, using the best available materials and the finest tubes ever produced independent of price or scarcity. When going this far, why compromise anywhere?


As always, our machined aluminum chassis set the standard for handsome appearance and electro-mechanical  robustness.

We use very high grade wide-bandwidth nickel-core output transformers and nickel core driver chokes. Internal circuitry is hardwired on thick Teflon slabs.



Silbatone A-242C Mono Amplifiers - Featuring WE 242C Triodes

The limited-edition Silbatone A-242C is a specialized version of the A-845 amplifier optimized for Western Electric 242-C tubes, using a 437A input tube and a ceramic base WE VT-25A driver. The rare WE242-C is probably the finest 211 family tube ever produced and one of the best sounding large triodes in our experience.

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