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Silbatone Reference 300 Amplifier and Reference 300 Silver Signature Edition
Now upgraded with a new direct coupled circuit.
No audio capacitors in signal path!

Our third generation integrated amplifier, the Reference 300, presents the ultimate refinement of our 300B stereo integrated approach. This is a platform to realize the highest musical potential of the WE300B triode, engineered for the way today’s audiophiles build world-class systems. With the latest round of upgrades, this amp is at the top of the class for triode music amplifers!

Silbatone's Reference 300 is a cost-no-object realization of the stereo integrated triode amplifier The R 300 is luxury-priced but provides the highest possible value for owners.

A broadcast grade stepped attenuator with solid milled knobs permits precise control. Five input switch is a high-reliability unit.

We designed the Reference 300B to be an effective and elegant control center for your system. Simple, efficient, and offering uncompromised quality in every aspect.

As with other Silbatone designs, parts quality is far beyond most commercially produced amplifiers. Critical components for Silbatone electronics are selected according to listening tests and technical performance without regard for cost. The amplifer is entirely direct coupled with no coupling capacitors. Expensive teflon circuit boards and silver litz internal wiring are used for ultimate musicality and detail. Our latest generation “Semi-Silver” foil-wound nickel core output transformer stands alone in musical quality.

The beautiful and substantial chassis is CNC milled from aluminum billet, designed by a celebrated industrial artist for visual aesthetics and functional considerations such as shielding, cooling, and vibration control. The benefits of our solid, non-resonant chassis are immediately audible compared with the thin sheet metal structures employed by most manufacturers. Integral purpose-designed support feet decouple the Reference 300 chassis from environmental vibration. The Reference 300 provides a stable foundation for your musical reproduction.

Voltage amplifier (Type 5965) and driver tubes (Type 5687) are industrial-grade twin triode devices, chosen for high performance.

More exotic types such as E180CC/7062 can substitute for 5965 and 7119 or the rare Bendix 6900 can be used as an upgrade for the 5687 depending on preferences.

Providing an optimized platform for the classic 300B power triode is a primary design goal for this amplifier. Our circuit is fully compatible with original specification WE 300B power tubes and modern improved versions.

Our listening goals were met with our Reference 300 Amplifier. This unit provides remarkable drive for a single 300B power stage and is usable with many medium efficiency modern speakers that are not considered triode-friendly! The pure, silky, ultra low noise presentation will tame even the most revealing high sensitivity speaker systems using compression drivers or horn-loaded cone drivers.

The dynamic range and involving sonic character of the Reference 300 achieve our ultimate aim, bringing the excitement of the classic triode-powered theater systems that inspired generations of listeners into your home.

Reference 300 Silver Signature Edition featuring remote control silver wire
autoformer custom-designed for Silbatone by Dave Slagle of Intact audio



• Exclusive Semi-Silver nickel core output transformer, pure silver litz wiring, teflon circuit boards,

• Tokyo Ko-on broadcast attenuator, highest-grade five input switching, solid milled knobs for positive control, best quality WBT RCA connectors and WBT rhodium speaker terminals (Remote control with silver autoformer volume control in Silver Signature model)

• Removable tube cage for protection and international compliance

• 300B, 5965/E180CC, 5687/6900 vacuum tubes in direct coupled circuit

• Precision machined aluminum chassis for shielding plus heat and vibration management

• Powerful 8 watts, 4/8/16 ohm output, compatible with quality conventional speakers such as Wilson Watt/Puppy

• 37 kg, 50cm x 47cm x 26.5cm



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