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Western Electric Mirrophonic Model Two System

The Mirrophonic Model 2 system offers a listening experience of incredible scale and presence.

With two TA-4181 18" woofer per channel, the low frequency energy is remarkable. The impact in the midrange is equally impressive with two 26A multicell horns, each fitted with two 594A filed coil compression drivers.

Like the 16A horn discussed elsewhere, this enormous horn system excels at portraying delicate details as well as full scale dynamics. It plays quietly as well as it plays loud.

We have components to assemble the Mirrophonic Model Three system with four 18" woofers per side, but the 20' high assembly stacked bass baffles will not fit into the listening room.

The Western Electric electronics for the Mirrophonic system are excellent and well matched accessories. We use a single pair of 86C push-pull 300B Amplifiers to drive the speakers, rare ERPI TA-7381 line amplifiers, and a variety of accessory equipment, including an EMT 927 turntable and Silbatone C-102 battery-powered tube preamplifier for analog playback.

Systems like the Mirrophonic Model 2 made us into the devoted followers of horns and triode amplification that we today.

Our Silbatone products are designed to bring home the excitement we enjoy in these vintage classics in your listening room.






Pair of WE 594A Field Coil Drivers installed on 26A Horn


The famous WE 594A Loud Speaking Telephone

Western Electric 86C Amplifier



ERPI TA-7381 Line Amplifiers



TA-7444 Dividing Network


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