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Some Interesting Speakers from our Vintage Collection


Western Electric 11A Straight Horn and 16A Horn



Western Electric 757 System: 728B Woofer, 713C driver, KS-12027 Horn


Western Electric TA 4151 15" Electrodynamic Woofer with tube rectifier


Western Electric Alnico Permanent Magnet Family: 755A 8", 728B 12", 754B 12"


Various Versions of Western Electric and Altec 755A


Western Electric 728B 12" Speaker


Collection of WE 713A-B-C Compression Drivers (597A tweeters on left)


Stock of 597A tweeters including rare permanent magnet version,

Lansing 415 Field Coil woofers (square back), RCA 8" horn driver cones, Klangfilm driver



Supply of LANSING 287 and 801 field coil compression drivers:
Electrodynamic versions of popular Altec 288 and 802 drivers



Western Electric TAB dual concentric horns


Western Electric L9 system with 2x754B woofers, KS12025 Horn, 713B driver, RA1390 Baffle


Close up of TA-7376 and TA-7675 300 cycle Dividing Networks For Mirrophonic Systems--
designed for option of biamping midrange horns and LF baffles; WE 3 way xover


Western Electric 594A, Jensen field coil drivers, Klangfilm Eurodyn field coil drivers


Western Electric crossovers in wall cages, WE 750 metal cone 10", WE cast horns on top


More Drivers: WE 594A, WE 555W, etc.


Power supplies for field coils in Western Electric Rack



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